A newly married man has advised fellow men to take their partners to their pastors for deliverance if they moan during sexual intercourse.

According to him, “Godly women don’t moan during sex, and any woman who does it shows a sign of carnality and lack of self-control”.

The man identified as Uzor Obinna Marvelous revealed on Facebook that the first time his wife moaned during sex, he took her for deliverance and now all she does is hum hymns during sex.

The Nigerian man reportedly got married in January this year, said it is “wrong and ungodly” for Christian couples to moan during sex.

He claimed that moaning during sex shows how “depraved” a woman is, and most men don’t like it.

He further claimed that men who moan also portray that they’ve been visiting sex workers.

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As if those claims were not enough, Uzor Obinna Marvelous added that any woman who calls the name of God or Jesus during sex or speaks in tongues should be sent to jail.

Read his full post below and be guided if you may:

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