A 49-year-old cleric, Kehinde Hassan, on Thursday prayed a Customary Court in Badagry, Lagos, to dissolve his marriage to wife, Tawakalitu, over an alleged phone conversation she had with her lover.
Hassan is seeking the dissolution of his 24-year-old marriage on grounds of his wife’s alleged extra-marital affair, coming home late, arrogance, disobedience, lying, fetish, stubbornness and lack of love.
Kehinde said, “My lord, my wife has been faithful to me until about six months ago, when she relocated her shop to a cold room, selling provisions.
“She keeps coming home at ungodly hour every day. I have evidence that she is committing adultery.
“I have caught her speaking to her lover on phone one day. I heard them sex and other things.
“I collected the phone and discovered that she was speaking with one Olatokunbo.
“I checked the WhatsApp and saw many messages from this man to my wife.
“This was what prompted me to seek for divorce, my lord,” he said.
The petitioner said that his wife also keeps charms in her wardrobe years back. I want to live in peace. Enough is enough,” he said.
Responding, Tawakalitu, 45, however, denied all the allegations.
“My lord, Olatokunbo, is the manager of the cold room I use. About three months ago, I fell down in the cold room and was rushed to the hospital for treatment.
“He helped me to the hospital and my husband refused to visit me. I am not having an affair. He is the father of my five children,” she said.
The President of the court, Mr. Shakirudeen Adekola, advised the family of the couple to intervene and settle the misunderstanding in the matter.
Adekola adjourned the matter until February 25, for report on settlement or judgment.

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