Do you know Valentine’s Day is all about friendship in some European countries?

Going crazy about getting your partner gifts or making them feel special on February 14 is a wrong idea in some countries. Singles or couples approach the day just like every other normal day.

European countries like Estonia and Finland sees February 14 as a celebration of platonic love. The notion of February 14 as a ‘special day’ came quite late to Finland, compared to the rest of the world.

Addressed as ‘Ystävän Päivä’ in Finnish and ‘Sõbrapäev’ in Estonian, ‘Friend’s Day’ is celebrated by single people and couples alike. Friends, couples and family members gather to get together for shared meals and have fun at some skating activities.

In these countries, you’ll look suspicious if a single person gives an opposite sex special gifts on February 14. Finland and Estonia are not crazy about Valentine’s Day.

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