What are the benefits of being an older parent? Though science has tried time and again to pinpoint the best age to have a child, it’s not always that simple.

Putting off being a parent later on in life has its benefits, too.

According to a 2017 study published in Translational Psychiatry, older dads tend to father sons who are intelligent and “geeky.” Being a geek is a catch-all term used to refer to kids who are very smart and socially awkward. What’s more, these geeks were individualistic, showing little interest in “fitting in.”

It’s not just being an older dad that needs to be seen in a different light. Being an older mum has its benefits, too! Here are some science-backed benefits that you’ll find encouraging if you plan to be a parent later in life, according to NBC News.

You Are Emotionally and Financially Equipped to Handle Parenting

According to a recent study, your 30s are the best time to raise kids because you’re more emotionally prepared to handle the demands of parenting. Older parents also tend to have more financial security and stable relationships.

Your Kids Might Have a Longer Life

A Harvard University study claims kids of older dads are more likely to have longer life spans. Why? It has to do with sperm quality that influences DNA factors responsible for living longer.

Older Parents Raise Healthy Kids

A British Medical Journal study claims kids with older mums tend to be healthier, with less accidents, injuries, social problems, and emotional difficulties. What’s more, they are more verbally advanced.

Older Parents Tend to be More Patient

Thanks to loads of life experience that have influenced better coping mechanisms, older parents tend to not to lose their temper so easily.

As a 2016 study found, older mums were more effective in setting limits and staying patient when their kids misbehave. They were also more likely to experience less anxiety during pregnancy.

These benefits are truly encouraging but remember that no matter what age you do become a parent, know that what matters is not the years of experience, but the timeless love and care you shower on your kids, geeky or not, each and every day.

Sources: CNN, Translational Psychiatry Journal, NBC News

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